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Find out what you REALLY love to do for a living. Can you turn your passion into a business? I will show you how!

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Create a blog from your passion or create one to promote your business. Learn how to make it successful and how to find an audience!

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Turn your blog into a business! Earn money through product sales, advertising or affiliate marketing. I will show you how.

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Why start a blog?

First of all because it is a lot of fun!

It is great for keeping an online diary and write about your experiences in day-to-day life. You could write about the development of your children for example and the fun and chaotic things that happen every day.

You will meet and connect with many other like-minded people online. Although they may never replace your real-life friends they could well become a strong community for you that will give you a lot of support!

It is a a great way to develop or build on a passion that you have. You may want to share your skills with people around the world or just share ideas with others that have the same passion as you.

Finally, it can become a great way to earn a living. Imagine working at a time that suits you! No more commuting and being completely in control of your own time and business.

That is what blogging is now for me. It’s my full time business and I’m doing what I love.

  • Start from Scratch

    We start right from the beginning and teach in chronological order

  • Set up your blog the right way

    Learn about blog platforms, themes, WordPress, comment systems and more…

  • Learn how to get traffic

    Find out how to get high rankings in Google, connect with others online and use the social media.

  • Get results

    Learn how to monetise all your hard work and start earning money through advertising, affiliate marketing, product sales and other methods.

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How I became a professional blogger

A few years ago I decided that I no longer wanted to work for others but only for myself. I no longer wanted to earn money only for the hours that I worked but create assets that would generate income while I sleep.

What others say about Sylvia

Heather Fonseca

I have to tell you I’m really loving your new website. The fact that the posts come out weekly are nice because it allows me to really chew on each concept. Loving it Sylvia!

Heather FonsecaBlogger & doll designerThe Style Confessions
Joseph Fragala

I recommend taking advantage of Sylvia’s consulting services. I am very pleased with the results of my new web site and found the numerous design consultations we had to be an enjoyable experience.

Joseph FragalaFounder

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